Providence, RI is the eighth song of the debut album of Nikolai Fraiture: The Time of the Assassins.
Nickel Eye - The Time of the Assassins


Providence is mine

And I'm going back to Rhode Island

Where no one can find me

And I will be high

The spirit's still alive

You can hear them in the night

I'll make a fire

With the wood from my pile

All of my troubles won't matter to me

Stillness of my cabin

Nothing much could happen

But I still feel strange

Cause I noticed I changed

What will you do

With all of the hours

And the ones after that

When you're alone with your power

All of my troubles won't matter to me

Night after night

We pretend it's all right

Turning our back to the wall

Day after day

It's always the same

I can't decide which is worse

One night I got lost

In the wilderness of God

I could see the hotel

I was cold and distraught

But I took a trip

To forget my plight

Highway's a river that

Cuts through the night

I know it's hard

But we can't be scared

The mess that they left us

Can still be repaired

Crying for peace

And killing for Jesus

I don't watch the news

Cause history repeats itself